Self-Service IVR using Speech Technologies and AI

Automated, secure and available telephony solutions that enable customers to self-serve whether it is a payment transaction, submitting a meter reading or checking an account balance.

Automate More Calls

Modern Speech Recognition technology coupled with recent advances in Artifical Intelligence are a powerful combination that enables a more natural interaction between the caller and the automated system. The ability to more accurately recognise speech and extract information from the recognised text is driving new opportunities in automated telephone self-service.

More Complex Call Flows

The range of call profiles that can be automated has increased due to the additional scope a speech interface provides. Callers are not limited to numeric input when interacting with the self-service telephony channel. As a result, more complex input can be extracted from callers using speech technology and AI techniques.


Speech provides a  more natural interface as well as providing an additional accessibility option for customers who may have difficulties using traditional telephone keypads.

multi-lingual call flows

The quality and wide variety of Text to Speech voices and languages available allows call flow messaging to be managed and maintained much more efficiently and effectively. Changes to call flows can be carried out instantly and there are no dependencies on access to voice talents and recording studios.

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